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or suggestions about our Refer-A-Friend, Fundraising, Advertising, or Sales Agent programs.

Cash Programs 

Our Refer-A-Friend Commission Program includes:


  • No sign-up required. Start earning cash right now!
  • Give your 5-digit KeyRingThing Card ID number, found at the bottom of your KeyRingThing Card, to everyone you meet!
  • You get 10% Commission on all orders people place using your Card ID as their Promo Code
  • Checks are automatically mailed to you, along with an email Report, every time you reach $10.00 in commissions.
  • Everyone using your Card ID as a "Promo Code" on our order form gets 10% off their entire order.
  • That's it! Get creative! Include your Card ID in emails, websites, ads, business cards, or anywhere!
  • There's no limit to earnings. Since there's no sign-up (we have your info from your Card ID) you can start right now!
  • Go to to print convenient handout cards and other sales tools


Our Fundraising Program includes:

  • Easy to sell KeyRingThing Cards that friends, family, co-workers, and everyone wants!
  • Up to 40% profit on every KeyRingThing Card sold with Fundraiser pricing
  • Support materials for your Fundraising group and easy sales-to-redemption process
  • Raise thousands of dollars for clubs, universities, schools, organizations & businesses!


Our Card Advertising Program includes:

  • Your logo, message, or coupon on every KeyRingThing Card customers order
  • Your product, service, or business seen every day, all year long, right in consumers wallets
  • Customized page with your banner ads, offers, and message
  • Full metrics and analytics of all activity  


Our Sales Agent Program includes:

  • Generous commissions from 7 different revenue sources.
  • Authorized sales territories with training, manuals, and presentation pkgs.
  • Corporate presentation assistance as required
  • Full customer support


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