Customer Benefits

  • Combine 6 store loyalty cards/tags on one card. 
  • Add any store or club programs you want.
  • Never miss store promotions or discounts again.
  • Receive gift coupons from stores of your choice.
  • Easy to use, easy to carry, and always on hand.
  • Easily join new loyalty programs.
  • Save money in a down economy.
  • Securely store loyalty card information.
  • No security risk if cards are lost.
  • Financial information is never collected.
  • Clean up keyrings, purses, and wallets.
  • iPhone and Smart phone adaptable.




Advertiser Benefits

  • Advertise
     ... at Points of Sale, where consumers shop.
     ... where consumers look most (their wallets!)
     ... several times a day, every week, all year long.
     ... and capitalize on millions of existing loyalty users.
  • Constant exposure, branding, and call to action on every card.
  • Targeted coupons give consumers exactly what they want.
  • Unique out-of-home, new media advertising.
  • Full sponsor / advertiser analytics.
  • Full consumer contact information provided for every customer.
  • Bounce Back. Coupons delivered online, by mail, and via email.
  • Recession-proof. Cards are used in good times (while spending) and in bad (while saving).
  • Custom web pages promote your advertising, coupons, and content.
  • Market-based, geographic, and competitor exclusivity available.
  • Costs recovered immediately via coupon issuance and advertising exposure.
  • Representation in our massive, comprehensive loyalty card website.
  • Redirected visitors to your website, increasing traffic, exposure, and upsell opportunity.
  • Customized Advertiser web page within
  • Advertising in an exceptional nationwide marketing medium.

Further Benefits for Advertisers with Loyalty Card Programs

  • KeyRingThing compliments and enhances all new and existing loyalty card programs.
  • Of 1.3 billion+ cards issued, 39.5% are active. KeyRingThing increases card program usage.
  • Avoid potential customers from declining to join your loyalty card program because they carry too many cards already.
  • Keep, develop, and enhance the loyal customer relationships you currently have.
  • Stickiness. Customers remain loyal, shop, and spend more using KeyRingThing.
  • Distributing KeyRingThing cards (with your bar code) drives consumers to your stores to get them.
  • Save production and marketing costs. KeyRingThing issues new loyalty memberships for you.
  • Overall customer experience is enhanced using KeyRingThing cards.
  • Eliminates consumers using competitive cards at multiple locations to carry fewer cards.
  • Loyalty customers shop more frequently, and spend more money, than non-loyalty customers do.