About Us 


Brief History

The origin of KeyRingThingTM, LLC began in New York City, in the spring of 2005. With the success of loyalty card programs nationwide, there came the byproduct of massive numbers of loyalty, store, club and discount cards that inundated consumers and clogged pocketbooks, wallets, and glove compartments everywhere. As much as they offered, loyalty program cards, stickers, and key ring tags became a pain to carry, and to use. As a result, consumers began declining new cards, and stopped carrying the ones they already had. There were simply too many to carry and keep track of. The resulting problem was that consumers missed out on all the promotions and discounts the store cards offered.

Enter KeyRingThing. KeyRingThing cards were designed and engineered to make carrying and using loyalty cards simple again. And fun, by way of colorful, durable, and convenient cards anyone can use. And in this economy, it's more important than ever that consumers save as much as possible, and take advantage of all the benefits and savings loyalty programs offer. KeyRingThing also addresses the need for a centralized website to consolidate, sign up for, and store loyalty card information online. KeyRingThing.com was borne out of a necessity for a universal website to provide all of these services, and more. Consolidation wizards, links to join new programs, custom password-protected online storage, coupons, promotions, articles, links, industry news - everything is provided in one comprehensive site, free of charge, and is ever-growing to meet the needs of consumers, retailers, and advertisers.


The exceptional advertising opportunity KeyRingThing cards present, also gave way to corporate sponsorships with and without loyalty card programs of their own. The advertising opportunity offers constant exposure, branding, and a call to action with every card, positioned right in consumers pocketbooks and wallets and present at all point of sale transactions. KeyRingThing advertisers and sponsors underwrite the cost of cards for consumers, and are rewarded with "stickiness," "bounce back," and exceptional advertising and overall increased loyalty card program usage in return.


KeyRingThing, LLC is based in Naples, Florida, and is partnering with advertisers, retailers, sponsors and consumers nationwide.


Timothy Jon Jackoboice - Founder & President

Tim GulfstreamTim Jackoboice graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. He has held positions as Economics Specialist and Policy Analyst for the Hawaiian State Legislature, director and officer of Monarch Hydraulics, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and with institutional traders on the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange in New York City.
Tim holds NASD/FINRA Series 7, 63 and 65 licenses, AAMS designation, and a State of Florida Real Estate license. His background in analytical software design gave rise to development of a real estate investment package in 2000, using his proprietary Property Pulse software as the engine to negotiate many real estate transactions. This software development preceded the KeyRingThing Card Program design, which encompasses databasing, processing, and encoding myriad bar code formats and nationwide production and distribution of KeyRingThing program benefits. TIm is married with 3 beautiful daughters and lives in Naples, Florida.