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What are KeyRingThingTM cards?
KeyRingThing Cards combine consumers' store, club & loyalty memberships onto one easy Card, saving customers time, space, and money. Customers have memberships always handy, always organized, so they never miss store promotions or discounts again. KeyRingThing Card formats include 100% biodegradable, earth-friendly wallet Cards, Print-at-Home Cards, and digital versions for smart phones, all organizing up to 6 store codes on each Card. additionally provides online account storage, new membership barcodes issued on behalf of retailers, private label web pages for advertisers, charities, and fundraisers, ability for consumers to add their own memberships, and exceptional advertising programs. Click here to view card


Are KeyRingThing Cards Earth-Friendly?

All of our KeyRingThing Cards are now printed on Clean Earth bioPVC card stock. This is a rigid PVC product made from normal PVC resin. Patent Pending ingredients are added to the base formula to make the PVC film biodegradable. There are no adverse effects to physical properties, and the Clean Earth bioPVC film has recently received ISO 7810 certification.

Performance of the biodegradable card film is the same as standard PVC film. Under normal everyday usage, the material maintains its integrity and can get wet, be left on the shelf, or left in a wallet without breaking down. The biodegradation process begins only when the Clean Earth bioPVC TM film is introduced into a fertile environment (compost, land fill, trash dump, the ground, lakes, rivers and the ocean) that allows microorganisms to come into constant contact with the Clean Earth bioPVC TM film. Once that happens, the "special ingredients" attract microorganisms that begin to break the hydrogen-carbon chain that exists in the PVC. When the chain is broken, this allows oxygen to enter which attaches itself to the hydrogen and carbon creating H2O (water) and CO2 (carbon dioxide). The lone chlorine atom bonds to a hydrogen atom, creating a very weak salt that does not have adverse effect on the ecosystem. The biodegradation process works in both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, so the absence of oxygen or water will not keep the Clean Earth bioPVC TM film from biodegrading -- all that is needed are the microorganisms.

The bioPVC TM film is broken down in 9 months to 5 years, and the matter left behind can easily be worked into the soil or water and has no toxic effect. Ecotoxicological tests were performed according to ASTM and CE standards, and found the Clean Earth bioPVC TM film to pass, signifying there is no ecologically damaging toxic elements during or after the Clean Earth bioPVC TM film degrades.


How do I create KeyRingThing cards?
It's a simple, 2-step process. Follow the simple on-screen instructions to:

   1.  Enter your store, club, loyalty and reward bar codes

   2.  Create KeyRingThing cards to hold those codes
Why do consumers use KeyRingThing cards?
In this economy, or in any economy, consumers need savings. They need to take advantage of club, discount, and loyalty cards. When they don't have them, they risk losing discounts, promotions, and store credits. But as the average household belongs to approximately 12 different loyalty programs, those loyalty cards and tags became a pain to carry and use.

KeyRingThing solves the problem with one easy, simple, solution. With KeyRingThing cards, consumers find it easy to carry and use their loyalty cards again. They'll never miss a store discount, promotion, or credit, and they're fun to use in the process. And purses, wallets, drawers and glove compartments are freed from all the clutter of cards and tags KeyRingThing cards replace.

How many KeyRingThing cards can I create?
You can create as many different KeyRingThing cards as you like, with up to six store bar codes on each. Simply click on "Add a Card" on the far left column near the top, under "My Cards".  

I'm not able to log on as a Returning User
Check that your User Name and Password are correct. Your User Name is the email address you used when you first signed up. Your password can be retrieved in the "Returning Users" section of the home page, by clicking the link "Forgot Your Password?"

Why are Sponsors labeled "KeyRingThing Card 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5?

The cart came before the horse in this case. We originally planned on signing local and national advertisers first, before we ever introduced KeyRingThing to the consumer markets. When Good Morning America featured us on their show, that all changed, and we were immediately working with customers coast-to-coast.


We're just now getting back to working with national and local card sponsor/advertisers, and when those deals are finalized, retailers and businesses will appear in the Sponsor list, instead of KeyRingThing Card 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. These businesses' logos, coupons, and ads will appear on the top of your KeyRingThing cards, and in choosing them you'll also receive online coupons from them for in-store use, and other coupons in the mail with the physical cards you order, too. As a "core-loyal" customer (by specifically choosing that sponsor) you'll likely also receive better coupons and discounts than you normally would in a store, mailer, or newspaper.


For now, the "sponsor" names on our order form are simply labeled KeyRingThing Card 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for your convenience, in order for you to distinguish between different cards you create.


Can I put loyalty codes on KeyRingThing cards that are not in your database, or aren't sponsors yet?

Yes. For stores that aren't recognized by our database, a pop-up screen will appear with bar code images based on the numbers you entered. Select the bar code image that matches the one on your loyalty card or tag exactly, and click continue. This will allow you to enter any store we haven't heard of, but you must select the bar code image correctly. See our Bar Code Help page for more information.

Can I sign up for new loyalty cards for stores I don't currently have memberships for, from your website?
This feature is in late development and coming soon. We are working with exclusive stores and retailers to offer new loyalty memberships on their behalf to you on our website, and will be much easier than having to physically sign up for each membership yourself. Now that loyalty cards are much easier to carry, use, and organize with KeyRingThing cards, you can join as many new loyalty memberships as you want without being burdened by the hassle of carrying, organizing, and using them.


Do KeyRingThing Cards expire?
No. Some of your store, club, and loyalty cards may expire, but KeyRingThing Cards never do!
Are KeyRingThing cards available in Canada?
Yes! We love our Canadian customers. We love residents of other countries, too, and are currently compiling new bar codes, rules, and formats to accommodate store coding in other countries.


What browsers are compatible with?
This site has been tested and is compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0 to 8.0, Firefox 3.0 to 3.5.2 or above, and Safari 4.0 to 4.0.3. Site features may work in lesser versions and other browers.


Working with Bar Codes

How many store bar codes can I create on one KeyRingThing card?
You can put up to 6 store, club, discount, mileage, hotel, or reward bar codes on one KeyRingThing card.

I'm entering the exact number of digits required for my loyalty card bar code, but it's not working. 
Do not include spaces, commas, hyphens, or anything other than numbers and letters when you enter your bar codes. Also, make sure you enter all the numbers you see on your bar code tag or card ... even the tinier numbers to the left and right.
One or two numbers were added to the end of my bar code. Why?
This is normal for some bar code formats, and is known as a checksum. Other times, retailers either delete or add numbers to the front or back end of bar code numbers found on your original bar code tag. If the bar code looks like your original it should work, regardless if the numbers match exactly. Be sure to look closely if you're adding a new store code that's not in our database. We have made significant efforts to research stores and businesses that have modified the actual numbers on their bar code tags, an add or delete numbers in our database accordingly so that they are formatted correctly for you.

My store bar code doesn't work -- the bar code image on my card is different from the original. 
If you enter your club, discount and loyalty card numbers correctly, KeyRingThing cards should work every time. Occasionally, a store scanner may not be working properly, or a clerk may not scan it correctly. In any case, KeyRingThing cards will still work ... the clerk simply enters the numbers below the bar codes on your KeyRingThing card and your account will be credited. 
If your store bar code still doesn't work:

  • Confirm you entered your numbers correctly.
  • Make sure you included all the numbers found on your bar code tag -- both small and normal size numbers. Include all numbers from the left of the bar code all the way to the right of the bar code 
  • Make sure you didn't include any spaces in your bar code.
  • Make sure you spelled the store name correctly. The database can't determine what you're trying to enter if it's spelled wrong, or you add other text. For example, entering "Wallbaums" is not the same as entering the store name correctly as "Waldbaum's". Similarly, adding anything additional to the store name changes what store our database looks for to code the bar code image properly, for instance, entering "Food Lion: John's Card" or "Elm Street Food Lion " aren't in our database, only "Food Lion" is. To always insure what you enter is in our database, begin typing the store name in the entry box, and click the name of the store in the dropdown list to enter it.

When your store bar code image is generated, the height of the bar code lines is not important, nor is the placement of the numbers -- or in some cases the actual numbers themselves (some stores add prevailing or trailing numbers in to create their bar code images,  that are not printed for you to see on your loyalty tags.) Only the number of bar code lines and the widths of those lines matter. Make sure the bar codes look exactly the same, and they'll work. If the bar code still appears different from the original, delete it from your KeyRingThing card and let us know. Also, please refer to the Bar Code Help page.
Customer service is also available to help you should you ever have questions or concerns. Email us anytime at 


I need to change one of my store bar code numbers.

On your My KeyRingThing account page, click the store bar code in the leftmost column. Click "delete", and then replace it by  adding a new bar code in its place


I need to add or change a store bar code number on my existing KeyRingThing card.

We don't allow you to "edit" KeyRingThing cards you've already created. We do this so if you ever mistakenly delete a store bar code, or need to refer to an old code in the future, you'll always have all your original cards you created. To change a store code on an existing KeyRingThing card, simply delete the card, create a new one, and drag and drop the store codes you want onto the new card. When done, click "Save Card As Is." It only takes a minute to delete an existing card and create a new one. 


Does deleting a KeyRingThing card I've already created delete the store codes from my account, too?

No. Deleting a KeyRingThing card you've created in your account only deletes the card itself, not the individual store codes you've created.


I have so many store codes, I can't drag the bottom ones up to the KeyRingThing card I'm creating. 

Simply do this. Even though you can't see the card template on the screen, click and drag the store bar code as you normally would, also tapping the "up" arrow at the same time. Though you won't see the bar code image your dragging anymore, simply position your cursor on the area of the card you want to drop the code, release the mouse button, and the store code will drop exactly where your cursor is positioned.
How do I transfer KeyRingThing card images to my cell phone?
Simply click "Download image to phone or device" and click both front and back images to download to your computer. Transfer these two images from your computer to your iPhone or other compatible device, as you would transfer or sync any photo from your computer to your phone or device.


Can I use Costco or similar cards?
Stores that require photographs of members on their cards may not accept KeyRingThing cards without an accompanying photo ID, or at all. We also recommend using any cards that contain membership number data, financial information, or any information that if lost would pose a risk of financial, personal, or security loss of any kind. 

Ordering, Printing, and Payments

What are KeyRingThing "permanent" cards?
Permanent KeyRingThing cards are full-color double-sided, credit card size, film varnished, water-resistant, 20 mil thin, high quality CR80 plastic cards. They're slightly thinner than credit cards, so you can put two in one wallet slot comfortably. The cards are white, with color headers to differentiate the six different codes on each card. 

How do I order permanent cards?

  • Log in with your User Name (your email address] and your password
  • Click on "Work with Saved Cards"
  • Select the card you want to order from the dropdown list
  • When the card appears on your screen, click "Order and Print Card" in the blue bar above the card.
  • Review your card for accuracy, then scroll down and complete your order.


Is there a charge for KeyRingThing cards?

Yes. While we continue working to bring you free KeyRingThing Wallet Cards, Instant, Unlimited Print-at-Home Cards, and Instant, Unlimited PDFs and PNG images for smartphone use, we currently have to charge for our products and services to cover costs.

  • KeyRingThing Wallet Cards are double-sided, full-color, film varnished, water and scratch proof, 26 mil thick, credit card-size, 100% biodegradable Earth-friendly CR80 PVC plastic cards, and are currently priced since January 1, 2011 at:
    • $  5.95 for 1 copy
    • $  9.95 for 2 copies
    • $12.95 for 3 copies
    • $15.95 for 4 copies
    • $18.95 for 5 copies
  • Instant, unlimited, Print-at-Home KeyRingThing Cards, and instant, unlimited PDFs and PNG images for smartphone use are available through our "Account Pass" feature, good for a full year, and covers ALL KeyRingThing Cards you created in your account, for $9.95/year.

    Our pricing has changed since we first began. You may have read of lower prices and free services when we first introduced our products, and that still may be contained in websites, blogs, reviews, newscasts and features. We truly hope you understand we need to cover our costs including card stock, inks, printing, processing, shipping, postage, hosting, developing, programming, and customer service costs. And that's all before we ever make a dime of profit. We find most KeyRingThing customers find the convenience of organizing all their store, club  and loyalty cards alone is worth the price. Other customers feel KeyRingThing Cards pay for themselves in a use
    or two, in just the savings they realize. Still others feel the value of the coupons they've received from select businesses is worth the price of KeyRingThing Cards, too.

    We hope you understand, while we continue to bring KeyRingThing Cards and Services to you free, we have to cover our costs in order to continue bringing our products and services for you ... and we think they are fair and reasonable prices for all that KeyRingThing Cards and services provide. And thank you, in advance, for considering becoming a customer and a part of

Is the website secure for using credit cards?
Our website uses 128-bit encryption SSL for processing credit card information. We do not store credit card numbers or passwords on the server, and use PayPal as our trust processor.
Is there any financial risk to using your website?
First, we don't collect any financial information from you, other than for processing and handling charges for permanent cards, where applicable.  Those payments are processed for us by our credit card processor, and we are not given your credit card information by them - only the last four digits, to match payments and orders. As far as your loyalty card information is concerned, we simply consolidate loyalty cards you already signed up for at the individual stores and businesses you chose. When you combine your loyalty cards and tags on KeyRingThing cards, we don't see any of the information you provided to the loyalty card issuer, and we don't track your purchases, history, or transactions.  Do be careful if you choose to put loyalty card numbers on your KeyRingThing cards that are also your membership number (Costco, Blockbuster, etc.). If you lose your KeyRingThing card with these store codes on them, someone could possibly access your account, so be sure to cancel those types of memberships if you lose your KeyRingThing card. Otherwise, all store loyalty codes are simply loyalty memberships, with no financial information or other sensitive information associated with them.

I can order several copies of the same card, but not several copies of different cards all at once. Why?
A "shopping cart" system would be the answer to consolidating orders and shipping costs, but it presents problems. Many users create test cards, or have incomplete cards, or add and delete cards in their accounts. That's fine, but having a shopping cart would lead to incorrect orders. Most people don't make a note of what stores are on which cards. They also sometimes think ordering "2 copies" means ordering 1 copy of two different cards in their account - and we have no idea which cards they would want in those cases. Many users also have cards with the same title (i.e. "KeyRingThing Card 1"), adding to the potential of ordering the wrong card in a shopping cart type system.

It would be easier and more cost effective for us to combine all orders and ship them together, but we want to make sure customers receive exactly what they order. Ordering on a card-by-card basis provides that additional accuracy check so customers may review the actual cards and bar codes they're ordering -- before they make their payment. In a shopping cart type system, this wouldn't be the case. Lastly, most people actually just order one card first, then come back and place additional card orders later.

If you want to order different KeyRingThing cards and copies all at the same time, just let us know when you do, and we can combine your orders after you've reviewed, approved, and placed your order. We can then determine how much we can save you in shipping costs, combine them, and issue you a credit back to your credit card for the amount we can save you. Email us at anytime.

What if I lose my KeyRingThing card?
As with any loyalty card program, no financial data is ever collected. If someone found a lost card, the finder would have no access to personal or financial information. When customers signed up for their loyalty card, they didn't supply credit card, bank or other financial information, so nothing is at risk. 

Are personal checks accepted?
Yes. We also accept orders by phone, email, and fax if you'd like us to help you place your orders.

Can a replacement KeyRingThing card be printed if a customer loses their card?
Customers can print replacement KeyRingThing cards at any time, accessing their original card information stored in their secure, personalized log-in page at the website.
Where are your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?
The links to both of these documents are located at the bottom of each website page, in the footer area.
When will I receive my KeyRingThing permanent cards?
We currently are quoting 1-2 weeks, and often ship sooner than that. Check your transaction confirmation for current shipping date estimates.


Retailers with Existing Loyalty Card Programs

Why do Retailers with existing loyalty card programs use KeyRingThing?
More than ever, Retailers need to retain loyal customers. They've invested substantially in their loyalty card programs, as loyal customers shop and spend more than non-loyal customers do. But research shows only 39.5% of the 1.3 billion+ loyalty cards issued as of 2006 are currently active, and this is mainly because too many loyalty cards have been issued for consumers to easily carry.


KeyRingThing gets loyalty programs used, through its simplicity and convenience. We offer a full, complimentary system to existing loyalty card programs, that greatly increases new and existing loyalty card usage. KeyRingThing also helps Retailers by issuing new loyalty numbers on their behalf, through the powerful website.


Any other benefits to Retailers with existing loyalty card programs?
Absolutely. "Stickiness" and "Bounce back" to name a couple.


When consumers customize their KeyRingThing cards at, the Retailer's coupon is printed along with the temporary KeyRingThing card they can use immediately. When their permanent KeyRingThing card is received 5-7 days later, they receive another coupon. Additionally, coupons are emailed regularly to the KeyRingThing database of customers on behalf of Retailers. This all increases "stickiness" and "bounce back" ... to new customers who have already shown interest in the Retailer's loyalty program, and are highly likely to become loyal customers.


Are Retailers initially concerned they'll lose branding opportunity on their issued loyalty cards?
Yes. Then, they take note that less than 4 of every 10 loyalty cards currently issued are active.


If consumers aren't using their loyalty cards, they aren't seeing the branding to begin with.

Consumers that do currently use their loyalty cards, are also only seeing that branding while shopping at the issuing Retailer's stores ... and rarely anywhere else.


With KeyRingThing, consumers see Retailer/Advertiser logos, ads, and branding several times each day, every week, all year long. They see them at the issuing Retailer's stores, as well as their competition's, and all their other favorite stores. They're also seen by their friends, family, cashiers, clerks, and everyone the consumer comes in contact with while shopping for goods and services.


If Retailer/Advertisers want to keep - or increase -- exceptional loyalty card branding and exposure, they simply put their names, logos, and ads on KeyRingThing cards. KeyRingThing cards get used.


Should Retailers distributing KeyRingThing cards in their stores charge the customer?
We recommend KeyRingThing cards be distributed free to customers. By putting KeyRingThing cards into the hands of as many customers as possible, at no cost to customer, loyalty card usage, branding, and exposure will increase substantially.


What's the value to Retailers distributing KeyRingThing cards in stores?
KeyRingThing cards replace in-store temporary cards issued with their current loyalty card applications, saving Retailer/Advertiser production costs. The Retailer/Advertiser's logo is at the top of every KeyRingThing card, just as it currently is with their own loyalty programs. They can be used immediately at checkout, and when further personalized online, another KeyRingThing card is sent along with a Retailer/Advertiser coupon, thus providing "bounce back."


The Retailer/Advertiser logo remains a mini-billboard in consumers wallets, seen several times per day, all year long, in the out-of-home advertising medium Retailer/Advertisers look for. KeyRingThing cards provide constant advertising, exposure, and marketing, at no cost to consumers, and at a low annual cost to Sponsors.


There's also no risk to Retailer/Advertisers -- they pay nothing until customers personalize their KeyRingThing cards online, which at that point they know the customer will be using their KeyRingThing card. When the consumer goes online to, they'll also go to a specific, custom Retailer/Advertiser page within the website. After they're through on the website, they'll be redirected to the Retail/Advertiser website as well.


Will KeyRingThing replace Retailers existing loyalty programs?
It can if Retailers so desire.


Advertisers and Retailers without Loyalty Card Programs

How does KeyRingThing benefit Retailer/Advertisers that don't have loyalty card programs?
KeyRingThing provides exceptional advertising opportunity for Retailers and Advertisers without loyalty programs, as they can potentially reach millions of loyalty card users that will see their logos, promotions and ads several time each day, every week, all year long, at countless locations.
Like a mini-billboard in consumers wallets -- and always seen while shopping for goods and services at points of sale - there is no better-placed opportunity for advertising, exposure, and branding your product or service than with KeyRingThing cards.


What if Retailer/Advertisers don't want competitor codes on KeyRingThing cards they Sponsor?
Retailer/Advertisers can require this. A competitor's barcode and name can be excluded from any card.

We recommend, however, Retailer/Advertisers allow competitors to be listed on KeyRingThing cards as the consumers desire. Why? Because consumers are more likely to carry KeyRingThing cards that contain all the store codes they need, whether competitive to a Retailer/Advertiser or not. Preventing consumers from having competitor's barcodes on their KeyRingThing cards won't keep them from shopping there ... so why not have your logo or ad constantly prominent at every place they shop?


How many Retailer/Advertisers distribute KeyRingThing cards?
Depending on exclusivity agreements, the number varies. Non-retailers, such as beverage companies, apparel, restaurant chains, technology, public service, movie theatres, and government agencies, among others -- also place logos and ads, and participate in the distribution of KeyRingThing cards.


Why wouldn't a Retailer compile, manufacture, market and promote a program like this?
They could. But KeyRingThing is a proven, established company providing an extensive database of business, with unique and individual details broadly researched and archived. KeyRingThing has taken the time, effort and capital necessary to streamline the encoding process and business system. 
KeyRingThing cannot be mass produced. Each card is unique to individual loyalty codes and differing barcode formats (UPC-A, EAN 13, etc) that each barcode requires. The time and effort duplicating what KeyRingThing has done would be costly, time consuming, and perhaps a conflict of interest in dealing with competitive firms.
KeyRingThing also provides several other services, including issuing new loyalty cards on behalf of companies via, offering direct mail marketing, coupon issuance, coupon mailings, consumer information, advertising opportunities, market statistics, and redirection of consumers to Retailer/Advertiser websites, among other services. Most Retailer/Advertisers would rather focus on current business operations at hand, allowing KeyRingThing to fully compliment their loyalty card programs and provide the works and services for them with a low cost, all-encompassing solution.


KeyRingThing. Ready to start working for you!